Name of this bag please?

  1. Its cute :graucho: Whats it called and when does it come out?

  2. [​IMG]

    This one too. I saw this at the trunk show. But I was so in love with the bowly that I cannot remember the name of this one
  3. polka dot something or other..
  4. I think Rebecca saw some of the pieces from this line at the Trunk Show. Bumping in hopes she will see this. Rebecca, where are you?
  5. Lol I'm here..I forget the exact name of's on the tip of my tongue though :lol:
  6. Remembered!!'s the Polka Dot Canvas Steamer. All I remembered was the steamer part at first :lol:
    The Polka Dot line has a launch date of March 15th and I believe that particular bag is priced at $3080..could be different though once it comes out.
    And also, the things in the key clochette are bells lol..and they make a LOT of noise! Haha.
  7. Hmmm... it's cute. Reminds me of the Hermes Birkin but not as elegant
  8. it's unique but cute.. Not sure about the bells though..:shrugs:
  9. the style of the Steamer looks like a Birkin? I saw a small one of the bag on the HB magazine and looked nice.
  10. Lol they're removeable, thank goodness :lol:
  11. The canvas is kind of rough, not what I expected at all. It is cuter in pics than in person IMO.