name of purse

  1. I just had a quick question. My sister has a purse that has been discontinued a long time ago, and we are trying to figure out the name. It is a yellow vernis, that is shaped like a small can, and it goes over the shoulder. If anyone can tell me the name of this, i'd really appreciate it!
  2. Perhaps the Astor Place? Karman just started a thread with pics a day or two ago.
  3. yes! that is it! thanks so much
  4. Yeah, it's probably the Astor Place...

  5. that bag looks quite uconfortable
    but cute
  6. looks like a can of mustard loll...sorry i dont mean to offend :sad:
  7. hahaha a canned Tweety bird....loll sorry again
  8. Ooooh what a rare and unique bag, if it is the astor !