Name of organization that helps women back into job market/???

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  1. Hi ya'll! What is the name of the organization that helps women get back into the job market? You can donate clothing, bags, shoes, etc....need the name...

  2. It's called Suited for Success.
  3. I think there are a number of them with slightly different names around the country. Are you looking for a local one or a national one? If you tell me your area, I could probably help you figure out the one in your area.
  4. Thanks ladies, I found it.
  5. Just an FYI for donations to Dress for Success:
    Please donate clothing that you would wear today to a job interview: Clean, excellent condition, current in style, neutral colors, ready-to-wear, on hangers. The majority of our clients are ages 23-30, and we are in need of age-appropriate attire. Due to space and resource limitations, we cannot accept garments in trash bags, paper bags or in boxes (unless by prior arrangement).

    Donation Guidelines:
    Conservative skirt suits
    Conservative pant suits
    Neutral blouses that will coordinate with suits
    New or gently used shoes (workplace appropriate, no sandals)
    New hosiery (large sizes urgently needed)
    Costume jewelry
    Purses and briefcases in excellent condition
    New (unopened) personal care products (shampoo, lotions, cosmetics, etc)

    Dress for Success San Diego does NOT accept:
    Casual clothing, used hosiery, used cosmetics, men's clothing, any item in need of cleaning or repair.

    For more info: