Name of Hermes Tote?

  1. OK, I know one of you experts will know this! :flowers: Last time I was at SF Hermes I saw a leather tote which I've never seen before. I did not ask the name of it and it's driving me crazy. :lol: It was big, with two handles, a little slouchy (I think it was togo or clemence). Just a very plain, very classy tote.

    It was one of those bags that you don't immediately ask about but then wish you had. Does this ring any bells for anyone?
    I'll be there on Saturday so I'll hopefully get another look but I was just wondering in the meantime! :flowers:
  2. how plain was it? there is a tote called a Thar. it is a boxy tote, but the straps attach in a unique way - no hardware. there is a sorbonne, which has hardware attaching the straps. neither has a zipper...
  3. It was really plain. :yes: Thanks HH I'll look that one up. I really fell for the color of this was a beige-tan with white contrast stitching. Really pretty! :flowers:
  4. Heather! What time are you going on Saturday? I'll be there too.....let's meet up!
  5. Uh oh......
  6. woohoo!!!!! What time are you going to be there? We usually try to get there around 11? :flowers: :flowers:
  7. I wish I cold be there for the fun!
  8. Done deal! See you there! (gotta pick up a whip......)
  9. im going to sf for work in oct. i def want to ck out the sf store as well...wishing for a birkin on the floor..
  10. :yahoo: See you there D!!! Yay, I get to see the! :yes: Wish you could be there too GT.

    NYC, hope you find that Birkin! :yes: You never know! :flowers:
  11. Heather.....I just thought of this. I have to walk down the street with a 5' long, skinny orange Hermes box?!?!?!? Oh dear lord.......

    .....I wonder how they tie the ribbon on something that long and skinny?
  12. ^^ :lol: Ok D, you HAVE to post pics of this :lol:
  13. Victoria? Ahmedabad?
  14. ^ English??