Name of Gerard Darel bag

  1. I want to order this bag from GD Paris and need to know the exact name of the bag. Can someone please tell me what its called (dark brown leather, not patent like in the picture)? Thank you! :flowers:

  2. the bags name is "Charlotte 24 avec chaines"! I orderd that bag a while ago from Paris and my SA that it's the regular charlotte 24 with chains!

    Anyway, it's a beautiful bag!!!
  3. Thanks so much Darelgirl!! I'm buying one before July and figured it just wasn't the Charlotte 24.

    And I just knew you were the right woman to answer ; thanks so much!
  4. i'm glad i could help you!!! :smile:

    Do the GD stores in Paris ship to the US???
  5. NO, the Paris stores do NOT ship to the US. I already tried.
  6. yes, i remember your thread about that! i just thought that Tammy lives in the US and managed somehow to get the bag from a store in paris!
  7. No, I'm not asking them to ship to the US. My brother is coming back to visit from Paris (he lives there) and I'm asking him to pick a couple for me. :smile:
  8. If so, I'd love to hear how she did it. They were quite emphatic about not being able to accept payment from the US nor being able to ship to the US. Tammy???

    Darelgirl, it is fundamentally unfair that so many of us poor Yankees are trying so hard to buy one of those dang things, and you have a zillion of them in your closet! I'm jealous!:shame:
  9. Kathy K - Nope, as answered above, I'm getting my brother to bring a couple back for me. With the VAT discount it should be substantial.

    Darelgirl - wonder if you know the telephone numbers of the GD boutiques around rue de Rennes or rue de Montaigne? My brother lives at rue de Picpus and I wanna call them up to put aside what I want so that he can go get them when he's ready. Thanks so much!
  10. Sorry, Tammy, missed your initial post regarding your brother. Lucky girl! I've been trying to get one for six months now!
  11. Kathy D, i searched for months before i was able to purchase the GD bags!!!!:love:

    Tammy D here are some GD adresses:

    75006 Paris 6eme arrondissement
    01 42 22 21 47

    75006 Paris 6eme arrondissement
    01 45 48 54 80

    Call at the saint germain store! They are super nice there! I don't have any adress for rue de Montaigne though! if you need more adresses just tell me:flowers:
  12. Darelgirl - You're a gem!!! if you want anymore of these bags and need some help in sending one over, lemme know! I'm getting this one in brown and black leather. Hopefully I can find a pink one too.
  13. Thank you so much Tammy D!!! That is so nice, but i am ok at the moment! I am waiting for the new collection to come out. Then i will definitely buy more:graucho: :lol: :angel:

    I think you will be able to find a pink one. When i was in Paris last month they still had them in almost every darel store!!!!:heart: