Name necklaces

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    I have always been obsessed with nameplate necklaces! Growing up in an inner city neighborhood they've always been around (all the Jewish and AA girls in my neighborhood had one) but of course they hit mainstream when the 'Carrie necklace' arrived and today I see them returning from Beyonce's 'Blue' chain to Kanye West's 'Yeezi' one. Do you own a nameplate? Let's see your pics! :smile:
  2. Hey that's my necklace :smile: Glad you like my blog!!

    I've been seeing nameplate necklaces a lot in the last few years and I think they're adorable, obviously :biggrin:

    I got mine made in the jewelry district in downtown LA...
  3. What is the second necklace? It looks very interesting!
  4. I got it from Colette in Paris but I forget the name of the brand, so sorry. It basically means "LMAO" in french :p
  5. Oh, haha well isn't that a coincidence? I just found your blog I read it all the time now :smile:

    I just ordered one and I am dying for it to arrive, waiting for packages are the worst esp custom orders haha. I shopped around at my local jewelers but they are kinda sketchy and most of them make those...ermm...'less refined' (don't like the word ghetto) nameplates with the Italian links.

    I came across this one on blog so cuteee :heart:
  6. so that's what it means lol
  7. mine counts as a nameplate right? just a different style. :smile:
  8. oh this is so cute! where did you get it?
  9. Who makes the other rire au eclats neklace? It's lovely!

    Edit: nm, Someone already asked! :smile:
  10. Of course it does very cute! I've actually never seen that before where did you get it?
  11. Oh just found the name:


    go to - they have them on there!
  12. Thanks girl, I appreciate it! I just launched the new blog so I'll be posting more professional outfit pics and things like that but I still have my tumblr too!

    I like that one from Glamour but I prefer mine better bc it's more simple..
  13. [​IMG]
    here's a mod shot.

    It's from ginette_ny. i love their designs.
  14. Thanks, that's so sweet of you!
  15. Awesome!
    I love cool off the radar finds :smile: