Name My Coach?

  1. Just wondering if anyone knew what this style was or what collection it was from. I got it at the outlets a while ago :smile:
    DSC02319.JPG DSC02320.JPG
  2. give me the style number, i'll look it up on coach intranet when i go to work tomorrow. :smile:
  3. Legacy flap wristlet---embossed suede? Did I guess right?
    Lucky to find that at the outlet!!
  4. Thanks guys! It was the same original price as the one link that tanukiki posted so I'm guessing it's something similar to that :smile:

    It was the only one there when I went and the only thing that caught my eye, I think it ended up being 135 after tax :smile:
  5. Well the sig fabric ones aren't on the Coach website anymore (I think - I didn't see it on there just now) so they might have been sent to the outlets OR you are one of the lucky ones that just happened to be at the outlet at the right time - after a return from a boutique!:tup: Either way :yahoo: