Name My Balenciaga......!!!


A rose by any other name would smell as sweet..

  1. Salim

  2. Dean

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  1. WHAT'S IN A NAME...?????
    heehee... i know this is pretty much a tell tale sign that my balenciaga syndrome is getting worse...but really, i'm not crazy...!! just a lil fruity..! :biggrin:
    since i don't have a pet, i have an attachment with the darlings i carry around all day... :love: so THIS lil darling is a Blueberry Day, leather texture one part if smooth and the other veiny! and i KNOW he's a guy... i just KNOW IT.

    Salim = my roomate :p who's been a huge influence in my life, i adore him... he's moroccan, speaks french and the whole tahooey... so this name is sort of EXOTIC, EROTIC...:graucho: and i think the rich blue colour suits it too... very regal and royal.. but with a funky design...rather strange and delightful...! :rolleyes:

    = after Dean Winchester from the tv series Supernatural...! who's.. what can i say... SOOOO HOOTT!!! :drool: (humour me, i even joined a supernatural forum ) sort of nonchalant sexy cool... but ALSO after JAMES DEAN... who's the epitome of coolness and sexiness in a brooding way... sort of like our bbags... the epitome of the bag world in every way, but not TRYING too hard to look like it! :supacool:

    SO what's it gonna be!?!? HAD to run this by my fellow tPFers..!!!
  2. I'll pick Salim! And your roommate sounds like a hot french man!! :graucho:
  3. ^me too. salim sounds sexy!
  4. So when you're petting and hugging your "Salim", are you thinking of the bag or the ahem... man? :graucho: ::after 2 wine::
  5. ^^
    :shame: teehee...:blush:

    Irissy you make me blush...!! :lol: now i wouldn't cross that roomate/best friend line now... would i....? :sneaky::angel:
  6. So would you? :graucho:
  7. i pick salim
  8. my votes for salim
  9. Salim too !
  10. Salim, for me!
  11. this thread is too cute!! :smile:

    i'm not sure which name to choose...both sound good to me!
  12. aaawww Salim no doubts !!!! your description is so ... hm suggestive and lets face it steamy hot ! :yes:
  13. orinoco, have u yet decide and christened the bag yet :graucho: ha ha ha
  14. I choose Salim.....sounds hot....hehe.
  15. another vote for Salim here!!! :nuts: