Name Me If You Can--my new arrived paddy

  1. Hi ladies, my new arrived paddy is here! :party:

    It is my first paddy and I just love love love it! I felt in love at the first sight: its color is much more beautiful than it is in pics, just like the very very light latte:love:. Besides, it is so yummy and squishy...:tender:

    Well, anybody know the official name of the color? It doesn't has a pink undertone in it, but rather cream beige. Guesses are welcome!:flowers:

    I would like to thank everybody that helped me in the chloe forum. Without the help from you warmhearted ladies, I could never learned so much and got such a nice paddy. You are engels! :heart:

    The engels are:lol:: sratsey, elongreach, Cielo Azul, aerin, chicky, +sonja+, hmwe46, Roxane, chloe-babe, lordguinny, Audrey, winona77, NWpurselover, TRAVIS2006, ikaesmallz and jag. Did I forget someone? :sweatdrop:

    creampaddy1.jpg creampaddy9.jpg creampaddy12.jpg creampaddy10.jpg creampaddy11.jpg
  2. oooh, i don't know.. but is it the 2006 creme?

    Congrats on your new paddy.
  3. Thanks D&G! Oh, I forgot to mention, it is a 2005 bag. :idea:
  4. Oh she is beautiful! Congratulations! The leather looks great! Ok names- that is tough. Need to think on this one!
  5. Dolphinsmile you have one beautiful bag! I am so happy this worked out for you after all your attempts.
    Hmm, an 05 ivory color that is not pinkish? I cannot figure that one out either.
  6. It's of The Super Magnificent Dolphinsmile!!!!

    I just raised a thread from iluvbags earlier over summer. She had a bag that looks just
    like yours and was trying to sell it on eBay. Curious if there is any connection!! LOL
  7. Dolphinsmile your new paddy is incredible! :nuts::love: I love the leather and color! As for a name guess, since it's an early 2005 bag, could it be Vanilla? Or what about Sable? Whatever it's called it's GORGEOUS! :yahoo: Such a great find!!! CONGRATS!!!!
  8. I have no idea what the color name is, but she is lovely against the red roses! Congrats!
  9. ...Absolutely gorgeous bag...!!! :love: Once again; congrats Dolphinsmile! :flowers: You really got a treasure, enjoy it!

    I'm agreeing with Audrey and guessing it's vanilla as it is a creme shade I've never seen before, it's cute like a cream candy :drool:
  10. LOL @ engels!!!:lol:
    Dolphin, you're so sweet!!:flowers: :love:

    I'm loving your bag, she really is a beauty - CONGRATS - i only wish i knew the colour!

    Wouldn't it be much simpler if Chloe put colour codes/names in their bags...?:yes:
  11. Honey, I think you have got the VERY first colour that was released. The March 2005 Vanilla :yahoo: . Its a rare bag, the very first colour to be seen in the paddy, Tan was released a few weeks later. I had this bag and I am convinced it is the same :yes:
  12. ^^^ Oooooh how exciting!!:yahoo: :nuts:
  13. What a beauty she is! Hmm, definitely not the tan. Could've passed for the creme '06 from the pics but since you mentioned '05 i'd say maybe sable. i dont think it's the craie b/c in pics, the craie looks much lighter, am i right winona77? :graucho:
  14. C-B, do you have any pics leftover?!?! I'd love to see your vanilla. :yes: And I have to ask: how could you part with it?!?! :confused1:

    Dolphinsmile's bag is really TFD!!:nuts: