Name Jewelry

  1. Do any of you wear your husband's or boyfriend's or girlfriend's or wife's name in jewelry form? I have been for about a year, I wear my BF's name on a gold dog tag around my neck and strung on a gold chain, on the back is info like his religion, blood type, and SSN. On the front of the tag is his name in big vertical letters. I also wear his name ring (which is way too big for any of my fingers) strung on the same chain. He just asked me one day if I wanted to wear them, and I haven't taken them off since, I wear them day and night. They were gifts to him from his mother, so I wear them with pride, although I wonder why he didn't give them to his son (who shares his first name). The jewelry is pretty, but sometimes I feel silly walking around with his name around my neck.

    Do any of you wear name jewelry with your SO's name on it? And if so...why? I don't see a lot of women who do, so sometimes I think I'm the only one who would. I know they sell jewerly like that, to be given to a lover, so I'm curious. And if you've given someone jewelry like that to wear, then why did you do it?
  2. My SO had the back of one of my Tiffany's bracelets engraved with "Nicole and Tim" and our anniversary...

    does that count?! LOL :smile:
  3. The very first 'real' piece of jewelry that I made was a 'name' bracelet made with sterling silver block letters. I strung my hubby's badge number on it. :smile: I wore it for the longest time and loved it!
  4. I don't wear any name jewelry, but my FI has purchased every piece of jewelry I wear regularly (ering, diamond studs, diamond bracelet and tiffany heart necklace), other than my even though it doesn't have his name...I see the sparkle and I think of him...
  5. Yes, I think so! LOL.
  6. it's not a romantic thing...but i wear my brother's class ring, which has his name on it and his initial incrusted in the stone on top. he got it as a freshman instead of a junior or senior so he could wear it longer and get more use for his money. :smile: he passed away earlier this year and it makes me feel closer to him somehow.
  7. Oh my god...that is so sweet. Awwww...

  8. My wedding band has the day our marital journey began and DH's name engraved inside.