name for a handbag company


Oct 23, 2005
If you could start a new handbag company what would you call it? Names are really important.

the customer is between 28-40, she is confident, she fits in, yet she is for sure a rebel who doesn't follow all the rules (she has that special "twinkle" because she knows that she has a secret side of her that is utterly enchanting and charming, but she doesn't give it away that easily), she works or she is a mom who is constantly busy doing everything all at once, she makes pretty good money if she does work, and her favorite guy is someone who "looks" like he fits in (cute, good job, lives well, has a lot of friends, funny, witty, sarcastic, but when he looks at her he melts and it shows...), when she surprises him one day and she comes over to his house she finds a Harley in the garage, and she loves it...he has a "hidden" side to him, just like her...she's strong, likes to eat and isn't afraid to show it, she's athletic so she's in good shape, yet she's a real girl, a girl's girl too...girls love her too, they share their secrets with her knowing that her heart is huge and she is there for them, they can trust her because she is real, kids love her, dogs love her, guys are always checking her out....she sparkles....

she loves:...great leather, sumptuous fabrics, like silk, velvet and suedes, rich dark chocolate, great style that has a "personal" stamp, getting noticed,old classic movies with "diva" stars, loves puppies, kids, chick flicks, loves to laugh out loud, is devoted to her causes to help the world....

Gee, she sounds kind of perfect, huh?

what is the perfect name for this company?

Are you trying to name your company? If so, do we get some proceeds if we help you out :toung:

Welcome to the board- Let me know if you need anything! Maybe some ladies will be able to help you out with this, but we already had someone asking something similar to which we said- it is your company, but maybe we can help! Let's see what kind of reponses you get. I'm stumped!
Okay, you are creative enough to design handbags, and write an articulate post about who your designs are geared towards - yet you can't come up with a name??

This isn't a focus group - this is a place to discuss handbags and other assorted pleasures.
thanks for your input, we appreciate everything we hear, the good, the bad and the ugly (yes, even that). It's true we are experienced handbag makers, and have been working with a great company for years, and we have lots of ideas for names for the company, and the types of bags we want to make.

We am sorry if you feel that we am trying to conduct a focus group on this site. We have already have done that privately for months now, and listened to a lot of wonderful women who also love handbags as you all do, and have strong opinions about what they like and what they don't. They have all been amazing and terrific about expressing themselves and have been most generous with us with their valuable time. We have always loved the consumer, they are the ultimate "boss". The women in our focus groups have had great ideas from the choosing of the name down to the type of packaging that would make an impact on them. We are just starting out and we haven't had the money to compensate them as many companies do, but we all have something in common - we love great bags - they want to wear them and we want to make them. Sometimes there are those who think that they are being taken advantage of and sometimes there are people that just like the pursuit of the chase, and of being there when something new is being "hatched"...we are grateful to them for their kindness towards us. You never know what the future brings to all the people that you meet along the way. It's all in how you look at things in the end.

This is such a terrific handbag site, and I have always loved going onto it, and you all have terrific insights and seem so friendly toward each other, so I thought I would take a gamble and see if you all would be willing to lend us some of your great experience as consumers in this industry, we have much to learn. What I was interested in was just hearing from you...what you would do, what you like, if you could do this type of business what would you like to do? all obviously have a love for bags, like we do. And sometimes that is the great equalizer...You learn so much from listening to people. We constantly want to be better, and to do better as well.

My apologies if I have offended anyone here.

I still love the site and will continue to have fun on it. You all have a terrific dialog going on and you are so in tune with what's going on in the world of bags.

Truly,we are fine doing things as we have been doing. It was just another great avenue to hear from great women such as yourselves. But, I can see you point, and how some of you feel; so let's not belabor this.

Sorry for the inconvenience. The last thing we would ever want to do is create any negativity....We were not trying to take advantage of anyone's a great time in our lives... This is so much fun, and we are having a blast... we are really excited about putting the pages into our next chapter in the book of handbags (if there is one - ha).

congratulations on a wonderful site...we love it....

best regards,
Jay Jay
Since your in LA why not a location/county that has a cool name?
Maybe your home town? That would be cute like "Agua Dulce". I've never been there...but the name sounds cool. LOL Or like "Arleta"?
Hi again,

okay, here are some names that I would love to get your opinions on:

N e l l a

S k y B l u e

T r e e H o u s e

S m i t t e n

C o v e n a n t

j e n n y

l a y l a

These are all different types of names....and as you know, once a product is out in the world, and it has visibility, you end up loving the name usually, because you loe the product. But, because we get to to this all over again, I would love to hear from you guys...your opinions of any of these names....I have many, many more to share, but I don't want it to be overwhelming....

thanks for your kindness,

jay jay
Ok from that list... I like Nella and Layla the best. For some reason the 'names' in that list (as in possible people names) just sounds so cute.
I like Nella best. Its clearly a name but not one I've heard before. It could be a first name, it could be a last name. I bet it would be easy to protect legally as I haven't heard it before.
thanks so much for your responses, we really appreciate your taking the time out to respond to us. We are pretty much on the same wavelength re Nella and Layla. We love Nella, but find out that someone else has the name registered already in the accessory area...bummer...

and is a pretty raunchy website, so that rules that name out...

Jenny for sure is not a name that we are into either.

how do you guys like:


Clyde (don't laugh, the name looks great on the bags...)


Wynn & Fields


After the line launches, I can tell you all more about what the names all mean....

still hunting around...

Many thanks from all of us,
jay jay