1. Hi, I am new here.
    I need you guys to help me on finding this...
    I wanna get some name brand notebook, like I have seen LV notebook. I've looked on sask ave and Neiman Marcus website but couldn't find any. please help me!!:confused1:
  2. check they are the authorized retailer of louis vuitton online.

    hermes and smythson also makes beautiful leather accessories.
  3. I saw in Harper's Bazarr(I think that was the magazine), a Prada notebook. Maybe contact your local Prada boutique.
  4. ^^ I saw the Prada notebook in HB too! And they have the matching briefcase also.
  5. loved the prada notebook!

    if i wasn't such a compulsive ripper i would so get it. but as it stands i must have the perfect writing or i'd rip it out and start over again. and that's just too expensive of a notebook to do.

    i'm sticking with the colorful japanese ones that costs 1$ each.


    of course i buy them by the boatload. :p