Name and Shame eBay scammers

  1. After drooling over a Fendi Spy I decided to try and locate one on eBay, Many many of the bags I looked at were fakes, the reason I found that out was because of the very helpful people on here. Had I not have found this forum I would have probably paid over the odds for a counterfeit bag.

    So I thought maybe if we set up a list of those we know are definitely selling fake designer bags at ridiculous prices, other folks may be spared the annoyance of finding their new bag is not as advertised.

    Unscrupulous sellers should be ashamed and I for one am sick of those on eBay who spoil it for those who are genuine.

    I don't know if it's ok to list sellers id's any ideas??

    I did however find my Fendi Spy and I am awaiting it's arrival..yippeee!! :yahoo: