name and find me that coach bag please!!

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  1. ok so I was at the Coffee bean the other day and this girl had the CUTEST coach bag w/matching wallet and I want to find it. I know it's old but not sure how old. Anywho, they style is like pyari's gold bag pictured below (hope it was ok to post your pick pyari). Anywho it was in a signature brownish color but didn't look like regular CC fabric, seemed smooth like the bag in the pic. And it was like a goldish brown. The strap was cream w/the brownish stripe in the middle and it had gold hardware (I think). If anyone knows what I'm talking about, please post.


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  2. I know that is a hamptons hobo not sure when it came out or what that color is called. I bought a black one at the outlets last October.
  3. Ask PyAri. I think I just saw this in her collection!
    Oops! Im a dork! I just realized what your asking now, lol!
  4. nope not that scribble bag, it was darker brown. I tried looking up hampton hobo on ebay but it didn't come up. But I guess the material was moreso like the scribble than sig. Thanks!!
  5. check your outlet
  6. WooooHoooo! Good for you spacytracy!! Who need the outlet? Just click the BIN button, then post pics when you get it!!
  7. oh.. just kidding....:shame:
  8. No problem =) It's not mine, I was too lazy to go back and take pictures of my April stuff so I googled that pic along with a few others (lilac hobo, beret) that I didn't have my own pic of :smile:
  9. do you happen to remember how much it retailed for and if it's at the outlet? I don't trust ebay so gotta find it elsewhere.

    also if you can post pics of how much it will hold inside and modeling pics, that would be great. Did it only come in one size?? TIA!!