Name and age of this scarf

  1. As I stated in my NYC thread. I found this scarf at a resale shop on the upper east side. I loved the colors and the fact that I was was in NYC when I found it. Does anyone know the name and approx year of scarf?
  2. ooh - i love that one! it's called 'liberty' - but my scarf reference names two: liberty issued in 1984, and liberty issued in 1986 and re-issued in 2000.

    sigh, if only preciouscolors would open up again . . . .
  3. Thanks Dressage!!!!! I tried precious colors first. I had totally forgotten that it was down. Thanks so much for the info
  4. Joachim Metz is the designer.
  5. Fleur, is the label still attached? If so, I could tell you exact which yr its from
  6. oh yes she can. seton has special powers
  7. Is Seton really preciouscolors?
  8. no....but she has special powers! she is good knows alot.
  9. Absolutely not!
    I would apologize and then shrug it off if someone complained that I was using their pic.