Name a Louis...

  1. Are there any names that you think would really suit a Louis Vuitton bag? For some reason I have 'Gabrielle' as a good bag name, or maybe even 'porter récipient'.

    Haha, can you tell I'm bored? What about all you guys.
  2. I think Tamara would be a wonderful name for an LV bag. ;)
  3. Désirée
  4. Cecilia would be a good name for an epi bag^:graucho:
  5. aarti!
  6. ^^lol.

    Eva! :nuts:
  7. lol perhaps "le Latinmalemodel" can be a suhali bag.... hmmm....sounds so familiar.....wonder where I've seen it before? lol :graucho:
  8. Le Pomme de Terre
  9. what's familiar?:shrugs:
  10. The potato bag:nuts:
  11. I love how much nicer everything sounds in French- "pomme de terre"- apple of the earth- for potato. :p

    I loved the bag Theda named for Theda Bara, the silent film actress. Maybe a line dedicated to old-school Hollywood screen stars that had REAL style, unlike today's "stars"- Lindsay, Paris, etc?

    Greta- for Greta Garbo
    Louise or Lulu- for Louise Brooks
    Rita- for Rita Haywood
    Harlow- for Jean Harlow
  12. i would see a bag in the MC line, name Sarah
  13. I like the Tamara suggestion! It really sounds like an LV bag to me!
  14. Matthew or Matt (duh lol),
  15. Jannis or Madonna haha lol