Name A Favorite

  1. Ok, regardless of size, because we all know that dosen't matter, what is your favorite piece of Hermes? The piece that elicits the most emotional response. Mine is actually a little Kenya bangle, because I love Hermes's fascination with Africa, and I love "Out of Africa," which always makes me cry.
  2. The scarves and bangles with horses are my loves.
  3. Princess B, all the sisters are making her more special every day.
  4. I love your answer Rose!:tender:

    One of my most favorite Hermes pieces is my Heart Cadena because it came from a very dear friend, and it will be even more special on my first Kelly (when I get it)!!!
  5. The Les Levriers scarf, because it reminds me of all my present and past fur kids. Poret got the sighthound poses perfect on that scarf. When I see it, I remember all the happy times with my much-loved dog companions.
  6. Currently, my fav h stuff is the kelly.
  7. The Kelly:love:
  8. Always, the Kelly.
    But lately I've been smitten with a little leather jacket.
  9. Their silk items, scarves, pochettes, twillies and ties.
  10. For sentimental reasons - the large enamel bangel my DH surprised me with on our honeymoon in Paris (where I was stuck at the George V with a 101 fever!)

    For my "love of barenia" reason - my 32cm HAC.
  11. How sweet a DH you have AuthenticLux.
  12. :yes: Thank you for saying that!:heart:
  13. A shiny black porosus CDC cuff with gold hardware. First thing my SA sold me.
  14. These are good answers!
  15. Anything leather - regardless of whether it's accessories for your purse or the handbags themselves.