Name A couple Of Things Friends, Family,Husbands or Boyfriends Tease You About ?

  1. My Husband teasers me all the time,because i like to hang out in my closet read,listen to music and sometimes i fall asleep in there. :rolleyes:

    What are you teased about ?
  2. All the bags, shoes and jewelry I buy! :nuts:
  3. My shopping obsession.
  4. I sleep with a little pillow. I can't sleep with out it, and when I lose it in the middle of the night - I wake up in a sort of panic :smile:
  5. My clumsiness.
  6. The handbag thing...and the whole shopping thing.:shame: :lol:
  7. The whole purse thing, when I twirl my hair, how much I read, my obsession with BBQ chips, my Coca Cola addiction
  8. I am the world's biggest klutz - if we are in a store and he hears something falls its always, "what did you do?" I now say it wasn't me before he asks. That is if it wasn't me:shame:
  9. My handbag obsession.
    and well only my husband knows but I still have a blankie - its beat up and falling apart but I really cant sleep without it. :shame: Yea he makes fun of my pretty bad about it. But when you fall in love with me you get the whole package. :nuts:
  10. My accent but I know that they're only joking, so I laugh with them.....:smile:
  11. everyone tease me about shopping and my clothes

    my family teases me about fast food
  12. My handbag obsession, my shoe obsession and my starbucks obsession ;)
  13. Now that I am preggo, he teases me about my eating habits, but he thinks it's cute. He says I can eat whatever I want, hehe.
  14. my little pillow i had since baby, it's practically flat but still had my old pillow cases. i can't sleep overnight without it.
    my skinny body but a fat tummy
    i read my book out loud in the closet
    my shopping habits
  15. My husband, friends and family always tease me with my clumsiness...
    no matter how flat the surface is I still manage to trip... you can just imagine me on stairs and uneven floor.:shame:
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