Name A Balenciaga Colour

  1. If you could name your very own Balenciaga which illustrates its colour, what would it be?

    I would love to see a Juicy Tangerine.
  2. Black Cherry

  3. That sounds nice!!!!
  4. How about Purple Passion
  5. celadon green
  6. brunette tiger:roflmfao::lol::woohoo:
  7. I did this once before and my wish came true with the new 08 Bouton D'Or (Yellow)...I asked for a "Butter Yellow"...LOL!

    Ok, here's what am thinking about:
    peacock-close-detail2-01.jpg Topaz.jpg melon-honeydew.jpg
  8. left to right: Peacock, Topaz, Honeydew
  9. hmmmm. KDC, those sound perfect!!
  10. Cactus green


  11. Oh, I sooo want one of these!!! :drool: :drool: :drool:
  12. Cranberry red, Dandelion yellow, Plum

  13. Oooo....I would have to have this one too! How about Pomegrenate?

    Hmmm...notice a pattern here? You just can't have too many reds!
  14. stormy grey. you know, like rain clouds. anyways, i love grey.
  15. caribbean blue