Name 3 LVs in your collection that you will NEVER part with....

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  1. Sometimes I buy a bag and get tired of it, and then sell it. I got to wondering, "which bags, would I NEVER ever part with? " If you could, list the 3 bags you would keep for LIFE, no matter what your circumstances.....

    Here is my list:

    my speedy30
    my keepall 45
    my alma
  2. I've only had 5 total (not all at the same time).
    I've had a Monogram Trouville and a Red Epi Speedy that I sold.

    I now have---and can NEVER imagine parting with:
    Vernis Summit Drive in Amarante--MY FAVORITE!
    Damier Berkeley in Ebony
    Tivoli PM

    I :love: my little LV collection!:smile::smile:
  3. Ooh this is hard! Hmm. Here goes:

    Suede ostrich theda
    Lizard cerises pochette
    Aurelia GM (have to have a big tote after those tiny bags :upsidedown:)
  4. Perfo Pochette (an anniversary gift from my husband)
    Mirage Speedy
    Mint French Co. Speedy 25
  5. White Suhali Le Fab
    Bordeaux Mirage Speedy
    Pomme d'Amour Brentwood
  6. well since I only have three bags in my collection.....................

    damier sophie
    mono coussin gm
    mono batignolles vertical

    (I also have a mono cles and mono french purse - my small lv collection)
  7. Noir Mirage Speedy
    Ellipse PM
    Manhattan PM
    (If I can add a 4th it would be my mono speedy 30)
  8. This is tough!! Only 3??

    1. Denim Neo Speedy in Lichen (can only carry in S/S but I LOVE it and the color is discontinued)
    2. Saleya PM Ebene (my workhorse)
    3. Riveting Pochette accessoires (limited, unique, and cute)

    and an "alternate": Pomme Vernis Roxbury drive :smile:
  9. The only LV items that I'm sure I'll never part with are:
    Amarante small ring agenda
    Mono pouchette wallet
    Beverly MM
    Unfortunately I'm just too flighty about most of my LV bags.:upsidedown:
  10. mono speedy 35
    damier speedy 30
    red epi speedy 30 or azur speedy 30
  11. Mono Porte-Tresor International Wallet
    Mono Cles key and change holder
    Mono Speedy 30 (I think)
  12. I can not see me selling any of my LV's. When I buy mine I make a life long commitment.
  13. Only 3? That would be hard ... but I guess it'd have to be:

    Suhali Le Fab in Blanc
    Mahina XL in Noir (leather)
    Lambskin Rivete Bag in Noir
  14. I usually Never say Never.... however...

    Moka Onatah GM in Cuir
    Denim Mahina XL in Noir
    Fuschia Denim Neo Speedy

    I can not wait until summer so that I can bust out the Fuschia again!
  15. I, too would never get rid of any part of my collection.
    If I become tired of a style, I just put it on the back burner.

    However in a case of a fire (heaven forbid...knock on wood...) The first three LV's I would grab for are:

    my Bordeaux Mirage Speedy
    my Malsherbes
    my Theda followed closely by my Le Talentueux

    wheww, let's hope that never happens...