Name 3 Facts About Yourself That No One Would Guess!

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  1. I saw this on another board Just For Fun! Name 3 things about yourself IRL that no one here would guess!

    Y'all already know that I work with Tigers, Wolves, Monkies, etc. but

    1. I can't watch scary movies or snakes on TV, they give me nightmares. I'm a big chicken.

    2. I won't eat any food that ends with "knees"! (Chineese, Japaneese, Leboneese, Cantonesse,etc.)

    3. Met my hubby at a tanning salon and got engaged 5 weeks later.

    Now if you read this thread, you have to go!
  2. This is funny!

    1. I hate comedy-type movies.
    2. I won't look at myself in a mirror in the dark
    (bloody mary will appear behind me).
    3. I secretly think that I have perfect feet (lol).
  3. 1. I was a cheerleader in high school (don't laugh :shame: )

    2. I started reading at age four. My mom said she sat down with the book "Scuffy the Tugboat" to read it to me, and before she could start I began reading it aloud to her on my own.

    3. I have a permanent retainer in my bottom teeth from when I had braces. I had them for 5 years, and the orthodontist put the bottom retainer in after I got the braces taken out so my bottom teeth wouldn't move. I'm used to it now, but my bf thinks it's strange I still have a piece of metal in my mouth 10 years later :blink:
  4. 1. I still have reoccuring nightmares about freddy kruger
    2. I have the best conversations with myself LOL
    3. I think I am going to turn out like julia roberts in runaway bride..I am so afraid of commitment.
  5. You're NOT alone here! I like to talk to myself too, especially when it comes to making decisions (liking buying a handbag at the store!) and people think I'm so weird! :lol:
  6. hahah EXACTLY! Oh my godness, I was wondering if everyone would think I am a freak after reading that...but I am so happy to know I am not the only one!

  7. My bf told me that the first time he saw me, I was standing there kind of talking to myself and he thought I was so weird but then now he can't seems to stay away from me. ;)
  8. 1) I'm a hybrid: Taiwanese and Malaysian.
    2) I'm anal and a neat freak (although not lately...)
    3) I was in Cross Country and Track back in HS
  9. can I add a #4 ..HERE GOES... The reason why I went designer old ( ***** of a) best friend told me that i "stole her style" because I bought some cheapy purse that I happened to love..and she was mad because she couldn't get it...So, I got my first designer purse and never went back! that way I could never be accused of STEALING HER STYLE LOL
    sorry...bad relationship with an old "friend"...
  10. 1. Im a trained Midwife.
    2. I was an Actress.
    3. Executed a elaborate party event For Donald Trump.
  11. 1. I think Matthew fox is adorable and it makes my boyfriend jealous.

    2. I'm an off again, on again vegetarian.

    3. I'm addicted to diet coke, Iron Chef, and spinning classes.
  12. 1. Even though watching surgery makes me feel sick i always make myself watch it on tv so i can eventually get over it (and so maybe one day i'll find a nice cute dr. to marry ;) )

    2. I can't fall alseep unless everything in my room is closed, door, closet doors, windows, drawers, everything has to be shut and no lights can be on whatso ever. I'm not afraid i just feel better, and it turns out when my dad was little he wouldn't sleep without his door locked... so i guess its genetic some how?? lol

    3. I have the huuuugest crush on colin farrell lol
  13. matthew fox is adorable!! :smile:
  14. 1. I love the smell of fresh coffee beans
    2. I check my hair everyday for split ends
    3. I hate touching raw meat. It makes me gag!
  15. haha well thats this day I can't fall asleep at my grandma's house unless someone is in the same room as me.. because I think there are ghosts in her house..