Nakolulu's Collection

  1. hi everyone! welcome to my collection. i finally got around to taking pics of my collection so i hope you will enjoy them. as you can tell, i mainly collect LVs as that's my main :heart:. i've been collecting for about 12 years now (with a few years of down time in between) so it's modest compared to most of you out there. i am finally making up for lost time and am on the lookout for the ones i've always coveted but never bought the first time they came out.

    please check back often for new additions and i'll be posting individual photos of the bags later so you can see the ones that are overlapped in the group photos better!

    thanks for visiting! :smile:




  2. Awesome LV collection- very nice!
  3. i love your toledo blue epi speedy!
    such a well rounded collection!
  4. Great LV collection! :nuts:
  5. Love the pomme Brentwood and Toledo blue speedy!
  6. the types of lvs you have are stunning, different and unique
  7. Wow, I love how you've chosen so many different colors, lines, and styles!

    Great collection! What's next?
  8. great denim!
  9. Great collection!
  10. LOVE them all!!
  11. WOWOWOW!! I love every single one, especially the FUCHSIA BAGGY! :nuts: :drool:
  12. Great collection! Thanks for sharing.
  13. thank you blew415, bvbirdygirl, john5, valleyoppressed, aquablueness, rileygirl, shenabelle, rosieroseanna, jen loves lv, mzsherry, red coral!! :nuts: thanks for showing the love for my bags. i really need to use them more often and rotate.

    rileygirl: i actually gave in a got the fersen today. was debating between that and the mc speedy. but fersen won out. ;)
  14. nice LV collection!!!lots of colours.
  15. Very nice collection!