Naked lapdancing Ad Only Visible From The Air lands Mkt Firm In Trouble

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    Virtually invisible on the ground the ad can only be appreciated flying in and out of Gatwick airport.

    Visitors to Gatwick Airport are being greeted by a naked pole dancer - but not everyone is happy about it.

    The giant silhouette of a naked pole dancer painted on a field beneath the airport's flight path could land the marketing company behind it with thousands of pounds' worth of fines. The 100,000 square foot advert advertising a risque website was painted on a field in Surrey at some time last week and was designed by London-based marketing agency Sports Media Gaming (SMG).

    Although nearly invisible from the ground, the advert can clearly be seen by thousands of airline passengers flying out of Gatwick each day, which Tandridge Council says is illegal.

    A spokeswoman for the council said it was painted on the field without proper planning permission and legal action would be taken if it is not removed.
    SMG is refusing to get rid of it, claiming it can be seen only from the air and so is not subject to council planning regulations.
    If found guilty the firm faces a fine of up to £2,500 plus an extra £250 for each day the advert remains in place.
    Steven Johnson, commercial director of Flightpath Media, a subsidiary of SMG, said the advert had already generated thousands of pounds of advertising and insisted that the firm was not breaking the law.
    "We are operating quite within our rights. We produce adverts that are only visible by people in the air. If the council own the rights to the airspace then we would be happy to hear from them," he said.
    Mr Johnson said SMG was intending to produce similar paintings over the next few days on fields beneath flight paths out of Manchester, Leeds and Stansted airports.

    This is not the first time that the company's ads have appeared near the airport.
    In 2005, an ad for Lynx deodorant featuring a man fondling two naked women was washed off a nearby field after Unilever PLC decided to pull it.
    The Campaign to Protect Rural England expressed disgust with the ad. "It sets such a nasty precedent, using our landscapes just for advertisement," said Paul Miner, a planning campaigner.

    The Daily news.
  2. I have to give them major kudos for the creativity aspect :p
  3. Oh please!
  4. oh com eon its a silhouette? has this world become the PC?! then again is this how far advertising has gotten?
  5. Thats genius! Why would anyone want to scrap it? If it's not visible from the ground the only time you're going to really see it is when your flying. I think looking down on something like that would make everyone on the plane laugh out loud.

    If it was visible outside my house 24/7 then that would be a very different situation.
  6. I wouldnt have a problem with it if it was there legally. But seems like it's not. I wonder who owns the land. Must be scary to suddenly find out your land has been used like that without permission :huh:
  7. I just don't like the idea of advertising taking over more space than it already is. Let's leave plants and nature be, you know? I mean, if this becomes acceptable, then what? Taking out advertising space out on lakes and oceans? Sounds silly, but you never know.
  8. i would have totally lol'ed if i saw that when i flew into gatwick!
  9. :roflmfao:

    How sad can some people be.. Its an ad on grass!?
    Who honestly cares!...
    Answer: People that have nothing else to do with their time!
  10. hahah I woulda loved that if I saw it!!! LOL
  11. If its still there in two weeks, I will be laughing so hard.
  12. FABULOUS!!!! :roflmfao:
  13. Me too!
    I am going on a week on friday..
    Honestly I will be P* myself if I see it HAHA
  14. little tommy's first time taking an airplane:
    Mommy, mommy, I wanna see the lady tarzan, pleeeeeeeeese???? After we land?
  15. Funny.