Naked flap - pouch to hide stuff

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  1. Hi,
    I picked up this Chanel perfume case today to put in the naked flap. I think it looks great! Here are two photos...
    DSC01510.JPG DSC01511.JPG
  2. that looks so cute!!
  3. adorable................
  4. Oooh I love it!!!! Hey can i ask you a question about your naked bag? Does it get scratched or messed up in any way?!
  5. That is a great idea!
  6. Great idea.
  7. What a fantastic idea! That looks beautiful in there with the silver hardware!
  8. creative/cute idea!
  9. great idea!!
  10. Very cool!
  11. :idea: Great idea...and it looks perfect!! Congrats!!
  12. Great idea!! I really love this bag, especially for the upcoming season. Congrats!
  13. wow....they look just perfectly match and fab!
  14. that looks so classy.

    i can't help but thinking how fun a pucci cosmetic case would look in the naked bag for summer though...
  15. Thanks! I knew I liked the naked bag but didn't want all of my stuff showing so this is what I came up with. The case is silver exactly like the trim on the bag.

    I don't know yet about the scratches because today is the first time I used it, so far no scratches...

    What does the Pucci cosmetic case look like? Do you have a photo by any chance?