naked-esque chanel bags on BLUEFLY!

  1. Very cute for the beach or pool but I wouldn't spend that much on it.
  2. i saw them too, but it's so pricy for a naked bag!
  3. There was a post a quite a few weeks ago with Bluefly selling fake bags. I doubt if I would ever buy a bag from Bluefly.
    Not impressed with this tote.
  4. I know that bluefly sells really fake fake fake chloes not sure about chanel but if they sell fakes from one brand i'm sure they would with another:shrugs:
  5. They're selling fake handbags too???!!! Ohhhh nooo.. Good thing I was double thinking about this handbag! I have my eyes on this one too before!
  6. Not to mention too pricey for a fake handbag! ($1000+!)
  7. A lot of tPFers from the Chanel subforum have successfully purchased AUTHENTIC Chanel handbags and shoes from - including me.;)
  8. From what I read in other posts on TPF, the fake stuff was either Chloe or Balenciaga (I can't remember) and it was for a short period of time where people were buying the real thing and returning fakes. Then the fakes were re-sold. The problem was supposedly solved.


  9. It was. I hate that Bluefly is getting lumped with all the other slimeball fake bag sellers on the Internet over one unfortunate incident.

    I've been a customer for over 3 years and never once gotten anything even remotely in question. But for those who won't shop there thinking they do sell fakes: THANK YOU!! More good stuff for the rest of us to buy at nice discounts! :graucho:
  10. YEAH!:p
  11. LOL!!!!
  12. agreed.
  13. Those were available at the Chanel Outlet in Woodbury commons for about $660 or so.