Naive New Yorker here...

  1. Hey all...

    I know that a lot of you are from nyc... and I have a sort of... stupid question.

    I've lived here for like the past 6 years... and I don't fly a lot... so the whole one time that I actually needed to get to the airport, I had someone I know drive me...

    But I have to fly to Wisconsin for a one day business trip... so that means I have to keep all of my receipts for things.. and fill out an expense report to get my cash back from the company....


    How should I get to the airport?? I mean.. I live all the way up on 200th st... there aren't many yellow cabs up here.. just those kinda creepy towncar taxis that i'm skeptical with.

    Should I take the subway down to 34th and take a taxi from there?

    If I'm taking an AM flight, how much traffic will I hit getting over there and how early should I leave?

    I guess I could ask my boss all of these questions, but quite honestly, I don't want to look like a flaming idiot in front of her... :sad:

    So yea.. tell me what I should do. :lol:
  2. If your company is paying, how about 666-6666, or 777-7777 car services? (you will be reimbursed right?) I am always unsure how much time, but when I book a car service, they will tell me how much time i need to, just talk to the receptionist when you are making the reservations. I never needed a receipt, you can also ask how that works as well.
  3. You can call for a car service too. But I would say if you were going to take a sub you could just come down towards the Upper West Side and grab a cab off broadway (or UES if you are that way). I've caught a cab at 4:30 am EASILY!!

    Either call for a car service or take the sub down a bit I guess.

    The airport will be crowded either way- always leave extra time for the trip incase the driving traffic is bad. I am not sure exact time, but from Mid Town they always tell me to allot 45 min because you never know with traffic.

    I have only been here the summer so I am not the best New yorker... but I hope I helped a bit!
  4. Haha.. Thanks Christie and Meg. :smile:

    I'm so scared I"m going to get caught in so much traffic...
  5. Hm.. it's actually not that expensive for the 777-7777 whatever...

    I thought it'd be a lot more than that... Okay, that puts my mind at ease a little bit! Whew!
  6. Oh. You can get take the subway down to 34th Street. If you can get to Port Authority, there is a bus that will take you to either airport. From where you live, you were almost closer to Newark, but that traffic! I have not lived in that area for a long time. My friend lives I believe near 207 and she was complaining about the limited airport service from there. I think she wound up using the local car service and the guy charged 50 bucks. If you are going to be reimbursed, then I would take a car service, but be prepared to pay. Otherwise, you could pack lightly and take the subway to 34th Street and either get a Super Shutlle or the airport bus form Port Authority. Or take the A and take the airtrain shuttle. Leave LOTS of time--like three hours if you do that. If you use a car service, schedule a lot of time for that, too.
  7. You know, I am so dumb! You could also check the Web for airport information. We searched when my friend had to travel from New Jersey.

  8. haha.. yes, I did actually think about taking the A train all the way there, but it would take a very long time... I still dont even know when my flight is, so i'm having problems booking anything... but I want to be prepared...

    Thanks for your help! :smile: