1. Hey ya'll! I just got my Nailtiques in the mail this afternoon and can't wait to try it tonight! I'm on campus for the rest of the afternoon so I can't put it on yet (people don't understand the smell of nail products haha), but I'm so excited to and then report my results! Wish me luck!
  2. they are great for nails i use it as my base and top coat when i get my mani & pedi
  3. I'm only on Step A haha, I just took my nails off last week so I need to "rebuild" them. I can't wait though!
  4. I was never able to grow out my nails until I started using Nailtiques! I use #2. I know short nails are the style right now, but I like mine a little longer and now I actually have to cut them often because they will grow too long if I let them. Good luck!
  5. Yay how is it going, can you feel / see any difference yet..? It also speeds up growing I think:yes:
  6. I haven't noticed anything super different yet, but then again i'm only on day three...I put it on every night (will remove what's on tonight or tomorrow as per the directions). It says to move onto Formula B after I am done with step do I know when I'm done???
  7. I started straight with protein formula 2 but it sounds to me you have the after artificial treatment. I haven't tried that ever but that's what they recommend after acrylics so I'm sure it's good!

    Here's something I found about it, it sounds like you should use the whole bottle of A but I hope someone can confirm this:
    Product Description
    2 step treatment for repair of nails damaged by artificial nails. Also included is a cuticle and skin gel for dry skin and cuticles. Directions: Start with Formula A first after removing artificial nails. Apply to the entire nail daily. Do not wear nail color during this phase. Remove when the build up begins to peel which is typically around 3 or 4 days. Continue this routine until you have finished the bottle of Formula A. Use Formula B next in your second phase of nail treatment. Apply daily until nails begin to improve, then reduce the frequency of use to every other day. Once you have finished Formula B, it is time to switch to Formula 2 if your nails are soft and require maintenance strengthening. Use Cuticle & Skin Gel throughout treatment for dry skin and/or cuticles.
  8. Directions
    Start with Formula A. Apply to entire nail (as close to the cuticle as possible) without touching the skin. Remove when the build up begins to lift (usually 3-4 days) using Nailtiques® Non-Acetone Remover. When Formula A is completed, start with Formula B. Apply daily as before.

    This is from another site... but sounds like you really need to finish the A bottle and then switch to B.
  9. Aw man, I have a ways to go then! Anyone know why you shouldn't apply more than one coat a day? That message is bolded and started with a "Caution".
  10. Sometimes when I've applied it too thickly I have felt a little "burning" on my nail for few minutes. I would guess it feels unpleasant if you apply more than 1 coat per day..? I'm not sure is that the reason though :shrugs: :p
  11. I started with No. 2 over a year ago and I can't believe the difference. My nails are stronger and grow faster than ever before. I used it once a day alone for a month or so (I don't remember exactly low long) and now use No. 1 as a base coat. I don't know why they say only once a day, but that's what I did and it seemed to be enough.
  12. It's definatly different not having my super hard acrylics! It so crazy how much I used them and now I have to do things differently (IE putting in bobby pins or popping out my b.c. from it's pack).

    I like to think my nails are getting harder haha, but i'm keeping them short for now while they "heal". I'm scared of having them too long because #1 i'm afraid of the resist to bite, and #2 afraid of how frail they might be. I'm also not very good at filing yet :sad: Just need to practice i guess!