Nailpolish or Top coat that doesn't chip, recommendations

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  1. Ok, I've always worn acrylic tips because of the polish issue, when I polish my natural nails, they chip within minutes or sometimes one day. Is there a nailpolish that exists that doesn't chip after a day?

    I'm tired of the acrylic nails. My natural nails grow very long naturally and I don't polish them because I detest chipped polish.

  2. Have you tried OPI?? Both the nail lacquer and top coats are great. They last quite a while. Mine last more than a week and I do a lot of washing.

    I also recommend MAC.
  3. I use Orly's Bonder (basecoat) and Glosser (topcoat). Work just fine for me! You also have to consider how much handywork you're doing. Washing dishes and doing chores are the worst enemies of a manicure.
  4. creative very very good... if you can find it. i use this with no problems!!
    need to go to a salon....
  5. nails inc do fab colours, and is very chip resistant. don't know if it's sold in the states, but there's loads on ebay uk if you wanted to try it!
  6. Thanks for the recommendations ladies!
  7. I use Sally hensen Hard as Nails. My manicures last for weeks.
  8. OPI polish and Sally Hansen InstaDry top coat~~~~Amazing!
    Don't forget a base coat, very important!
  9. I use Orly and OPI
    and both are AWESOME!!! They don't chip at all!
  10. Yes!! This stuff is awesome! It DOES work.

    I have a huge OPI collection, but I don't even buy expensive "nice" nailpolish anymore. Whatever's 99 cents and a good color, looks awesome for at least a week when used with the Sally Hansen stuff.

    And trust me, I'm rough on my nails!
  11. Seche Vite fast dry top coat works the best for me. My manicuren lasts more than a week. Check it out and you will find out that most top manicure salons use this :smile:
  12. I have pretty good luck with OPI. I'm like you- my nails chip pretty easily because I type a lot (law student/work in an office) and also cook so it takes a pretty good polish to hold up to all that. OPI is decent, I use any old top coat and OPI ridge filler as basecoat.
  13. I use orly bonder & seche vite top coat...this is the best combo I've used so far. I usually use OPI or Essie polish. My nails will still chip after a few days unfortunately... FYI I've tried Mac nail polish before and that seemed to be better than OPI & Essie.
  14. Sally Hansen Diamond Strength works really well!
  15. Chanel is the only polish I've used that gives my 2-2.5 weeks with no chipping. Its amazing