Nail trimming for small dogs

  1. I guess it does not matter the size really, but I have 2 min pins and the older of the two seems to have nails that grow like weeds!! I take her every 10 days at the moment!!! Lilly only goes every 2 months and even then she does not need it! Ideally I would like to take Violet once a month but its just not happening! I walk her on concrete AND she runs around all day freely outside/and in (we have 2 doggy doors) so they both go and run as they like. Any suggestions for me??
  2. The same thing happens with my chi's. My boy chi has nails that never seem to grow. My girl chi needs to have her nails trimmed atleast every other week. I cut them but it is still strange how it works out like that.
  3. I never have to cut the back paws but I have to cut the front paws every 2 weeks lol.
  4. Well you all are girls will NOT let us trim their nails for love nor snacks. They will do everything else with is but not that!!! They do not leave our sides but the minute they see the nail trimmers not even steak will bring them around. SO I have to take them and for Violet it seems I LIVE in the vets office! oh well, I was hoping one of you would have some new training method for me...(sand paper) JUST KIDDING!!!
  5. My dog also hates nail cutting also. I think it has something to do with the grooming place when he was small. One time they cut his nail too deep... :sad:

    Anyway, each and every single time i have to struggle with him to get his nails cut. He screams when I hold on to his paw. Here're the things I've tried:
    1) Most of the time I play with him until he's completely pooped out, and then while he's half asleep I quickly get his nails before he fully wakes up again. Um... yea not a very alertive dog when he's tired...
    2) I mix brushing and nail cutting sessions together. Before I start this drama, I try to examine which ones need to be trimmed. So I would brush him for 2mins, and quickly get one nail cut, brush for another 2mins, cut another nail. Sneaky...

    I have not let the grooming salon touch my baby's nails ever since I started cutting his nails, fearing that the same traumatic experience would happen again. Now that he's getting more and more comfortable with me cutting his nails, less drama has to be put on. At the moment he still won't sit still, but I'm grateful that he's not screaming lol.

    Why are your babies scared of nail trimming? Were there any traumatic experiences before?
  6. Oh not at all....I dont think my girls have ever experienced any kind of drama....I took Lilly for her yearly shots today and she just sat there on the table waiting patiently, got her shots and away we went. The 2 girls are just different. Violet has NEVER liked having her feet messed with. From day one. She is 4 , she is laying in my lap right now and if I was to reach down and rub her paw she would look up at me lick my hand and go back to sleep, if I did the same to Lilly she would not even stir. Its just one of those things...she just hates it. Violet likes our vet, so she will go willingly in to get her nails cut but she wiggles and I would reather not be the one to make her pissed. Its worth the $15. I go so often I get the discount of $8!! lol So we do what we have to and then we go to the dog park, and I take her for a hamburger (just the meat) and its our day out.
  7. I take my dogs every few weeks to their groomer and they Dremmel (sp??) their nails down.
  8. cool is that! Like a little electric file!! Too cute!
  9. ^Yes I LOVE it!! The dogs don't seem to mind it as much as actually getting their nails 'trimmed'.]

    It also helps avoid cutting their nails too short and making them bleed *sob*
  10. I have a minp pin also and he hates to get his nails clipped also, but I think that came from when I first got him, he had to go the the vet to get is puppy shots and the vet cut his nails but clipped them too far back. And every since after that, he hates to get his front nails clipped. he will barely even let me touch his front paws. I usually take him to the groomers about once a month, but if I could find a way to do it myself, i would.