Nail Stamping Kits

  1. So, I was walking through Nashville's Opry Mills mall when I saw this kiosk with nail stamping kits. I must have slowed down enough, because the guy manning the kiosk managed to talk me into a demonstration. About ten minutes later, I'd bought a kit, because I practiced it there and it looked nice and seemed easy.

    Has anyone else out there had any experience with these? Thanks in advance!!
  2. I had one a few years ago I think it was $10 or so at Walmart or some place. I used it a few times, but I was never quite happy with it. No matter how I did the stamp it would come out smeared. I hope this one works for you, they can be great fun!!!!
  3. Ohh! I purchased one last year in vegas! I looooove it! I do them myself when I have the time and they are lovely! Even my auntie thats a nail tech commented on how nice they are (she thought I had them done by a professional)!
  4. No I have never heard of it.
  5. I got sucked into buying one of these when in Vegas in May. Haven't use it yet though.
  6. What is a nail stamping kit? I've never heard of it. Is it for nail art?
  7. Yes, it's nail art.