nail salon in Chicago?

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  1. Any recommendations on a really great and clean nail salon in Chicago?? I used to get a mani/pedi every two weeks when I lived in California and now that I'm back in Chicago I don't know where to go! There are tons of salons claiming to be the best and cleanest, but I'd like to hear from you guys! TIA :yes::yes:
  2. speaking of chicago...anyone know where to get eyebrows threaded?
  3. If you live in or near downtown Chicago, the Michael Anthony salon is awesome. The nail technicians are really great! They have three locations in Chicago.
  4. I drive out to the suburbs, lol, I've just been going to my place for so long i can't leave them! However, some of my friends enjoy the nail bar... they have a few locations as well.

    To answer the threading question, a couple years ago there was a place recommended in a Daily Candy. I remember my co-workers at my old job used to go there, coincidentally because I was going to try it and my co said that was actually where she went. Here's the link to that:

    I never did try it though... stick with my wax lady... also at the place in the burbs that I head out to for my nails. I know one day I'll have to break that bad habit, such a waste of time going out there, but until then... it works for me.
  5. Thanx! I will check out these places! My nails are looking so awful right now!!!
  6. Everything Posh, are you a Californian? I'm a California native and now in Chicago. I can't recommend any good nail places, unfortunately... I live by a couple in Lincoln Park but they're not very nice or luxurious!
  7. hi! actually I have lived in Chicago almost all my life! I used to go to the water tower for my manicures. The Marshal Fields Salon. I lived in San Jose the past year because my husband was there on business and I used to go to a WONDERFUL nail salon! The service was great and they were soooo clean!

    So now i'm on the hunt for an equally great place here! Where from California are you from?
  8. I'm from Northern California! I grew up there, went to school there, and now I'm working here. I'm glad a native Chicagoan got to enjoy some California weather, at least for a little while!
  9. oh boy did I !!! The weather was absolutely FABULOUS :yes::yes::yes:. How long have you been in Chicago? do you like it here?