Nail polishes

  1. So recently I've been in the mood to paint my nails quite a bit, but I haven't bought nail polish in years. I've been looking into various high-end brands but I'm not going to shell out $20 for a bottle of nail polish that chips straight away.

    What nail polish brands do you lovely ladies (and gentlemen?) suggest I look into? What are some of your favorite colors?

    I'm open to anything! :smile:
  2. I'm a nail tech. My favorite brands are Zoya, OPI, and Essie. If you like mostly light pinks, Essie is best for those. OPI is good for color-colors, especially toe colors and so is Zoya. You can find them for $6-8 in stores or ask a nearby license-holder to pick colors up for you at supply houses.
  3. i love favorites are mademoiselle (which is really sheer), ballet slippers, limo-scene, and sugar daddy....all soft pretty shades of pink that're great for manis or pedis....and a relative bargain if you buy bunches of them from ebay :wlae:
  4. I agree -- Essie for pale colors and OPI for mid range and darker colors.

    Go to MakeupAlley -- good reviews of different colors.
  5. Essie Ballet Slippers is my new favorite.
  6. I agree, OPI and Essie!
  7. OPI is my favorite, but I have used L'oreal in the past. If I like the color I am not picky about who makes it. It seems like OPI is always coming up with nice color schemes.
  8. I get my nails done every week and Essie is the brand I prefer - I like a color called Bond beige - It goes with everything and has a pearly tone without being too irridescent - besides that way, I can keep my toes a bright red without conflict. I think Essie and Opi are about equal but I always seem to go for Essie.
  9. OPI premieres about 4 collections per year. Many of the colors are themed and some are close to previously discontinued colors. The most popular colors of the collections typically become core collection colors.

    Another nice brand is China Glaze. The colors are slightly bolder than OPI.
  10. I love OPI, but I normally get a french manicure.
  11. I use Orly French Manicure polish--the sheer rose and the white tip. I do my own nails, though I LOVE getting pedicures! Orly costs about $5 per bottle. The way I prevent chipping is to use a total of 6 coats--2 of the sheer rose, two white tip and two clear. My manicure lasts up to a week. Plus, Orly is a good brand that many professional manicurists use.

  12. OPI, I love toe colors!
  13. I used to pay a lot for nail polish until I realized all the nail salons in my neighborhood use Essie. It really is easy to apply and lasts a long time. My favorite color is Overnight, which is a pale pink/lavender/creme with a very slight shimmer. It's conservative enough for work, but is a little more interesting than complete neutral. I did use Like Linen for years, however. That's a great conservative year-round color.
  14. OPI and Essie are my standards for my manicures & pedis.
    Occasionally I'll use Chanel and Nicole (which is made by OPI) for pedicures.
  15. Opi