Nail polish

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  1. I'll see people on TV or in movies with a red nail polish that is so dark it almost looks black. Does anyone have suggestions as to what brand and color to try for this look?
  2. Chanel, of course. :smile:
  3. I also like OPI's "Chick Flick Cherry".
  4. I've seen that color on Uma Thurman in her LV ads in magazines. It seems to be the it color. I like it.
  5. I second that, Chanel has the best nailpolish.
    Dior isnt bad may want to look at both.
  6. ^i third Chanel - its the best nail polish ever made!
  7. Thanks for the replies. I'll definitely check out Chanel.
  8. I like Victoria Secret's nail polish because they are thick so usually one coat will be enough. They also last for a long time without flaking off. But I'm not sure if they have the color you're looking for.
  9. i think you'd like chanel vernis no. 18 - rouge noir.
  10. try chanel vamp.
  11. 'Rouge Noir' is a wonderful colour! You should def try it!

  12. LV does have their own nail polish in that color. There is some on Ebay for sale.
  13. It's probably LV's own if indeed it has its own nail polish now (new to me:shame: ). Otherwise, it's Rouge Noir of Chanel. I am surprised that it's BACK! I remember I was using that in college in Europe (trillion years ago:shame: ), it became so popular I think when Pulp Fiction came out Uma was wearing my faded memory right, correct me if I am wrong. It was so popular that it was sold out everywhere and there was a waiting period. I love it, but dark nail era has been gone, so I haven't actually had dark nails for a very long time. Good news if it's indeed back!

    Read this But it's written in Sept 2004!
  14. This was a very popular polish a few yrs ago and it seems to be comming back.
  15. I'll give the Rouge Noir a try. It looks good from the picture.