Nail polish


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Jan 3, 2006
I'll see people on TV or in movies with a red nail polish that is so dark it almost looks black. Does anyone have suggestions as to what brand and color to try for this look?
I like Victoria Secret's nail polish because they are thick so usually one coat will be enough. They also last for a long time without flaking off. But I'm not sure if they have the color you're looking for.
*JJ* said:
i think you'd like chanel vernis no. 18 - rouge noir.

'Rouge Noir' is a wonderful colour! You should def try it!

*JJ* said:
i think you'd like chanel vernis no. 18 - rouge noir.

It's probably LV's own if indeed it has its own nail polish now (new to me:shame: ). Otherwise, it's Rouge Noir of Chanel. I am surprised that it's BACK! I remember I was using that in college in Europe (trillion years ago:shame: ), it became so popular I think when Pulp Fiction came out Uma was wearing my faded memory right, correct me if I am wrong. It was so popular that it was sold out everywhere and there was a waiting period. I love it, but dark nail era has been gone, so I haven't actually had dark nails for a very long time. Good news if it's indeed back!

Read this But it's written in Sept 2004!