Nail Polish..WHERE?!?!

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  1. I've been reading up on the latest nail polish craze posts here...and I tried to do my plain naked nails a favor by adding some of those colors...but SHEESH I guess they are all in demand...kuz I can't get my hands on ANY!~

    I tried locating online and in store....not much luck :sad:

    Where do you gals find the best luck with high demand colors??

    My List of what I'm searching for:

    **Rescue Beauty Lounge- Revamp
    **OPI- Lincoln Park After Dark (went to ulta last nite...all more)
    **Chanel- I was able to get BackOrdered
    **BobbiBrown-Ruby Collection (out of stock)

    GRRR :cursing:

    I reallly like RBl's Revamp ...this I really cant find... Any sources ya'll might know where I may access them....and I'm trying to stay away from EBAY.. gosh I can't believe the prices they are asking for! WOWSA!:yucky: :hysteric:
  2. I was just going to post the link to Rescue Beauty Lounge too, but I see that OnyxBear already did. That's where I got my Revamp. I have recently seen the OPI Lincoln Park After Dark in Trade Secret. You might want to try there. Did you check all the big stores' Web sites for the Bobbi Brown? I know Nordstrom carries it and I'm assuming NM and some of the others do too.
  3. I bought OPI's Lincoln Park After Dark last year on the clearance table at a salon for $.95. Why is it so popular now? LOL

    I have Chanel's Black Satin that I bought on Ebay (yeah I paid over retail but I got it cheaper than they've been at). I just picked up my Bobbi Brown Ruby Collection at the Macy*s Bobbi Brown counter because someone returned a bottle moments before I arrived at the counter.
  4. :shrugs: :wacko: :roflmfao: Funny how things turn out..haha i WISH i can find it for .95 cents hahahaha...wut a STEAL!!!:yahoo:
  5. I love essie nail polish and they have some great colors that are available. I just chose a color when I go to the salon.