Nail polish to match vernis amarante?

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  1. Anyone have a recommendation? thanks
  2. Hi chica,
    I don't wear nail polish, but I have a friend who says it's close to Chanel's "Vamp" color....
  3. I bought Chanel's TULIPE NOIR and i think its almost a perfect match! :tup:
  4. OPI Russian Navy or OPI Linking Park after dark. They're hot.
  5. I bought the lincoln park and it's a very close match
  6. Do the OPI Lincoln Park one....I have on Russian Navy right now and that is definitely not a match. It's deep blue.
  7. haha I remember the days before amarante came out and we didn't have pics or a name for it and called it Vernis vamp after the Chanel nail color.
  8. I have Bourjois "1 second" in a very close amarante color with glimmer, beautiful and cheap !
  9. I buy dry enamel nail strips. They are made by a company called InCoco and I get them at Walgreens. They are already dry and you simply peel them off and put them on your nails and then file off the ends. You have a perfect professional-looking manicure in about 10 minutes. I love them. They come in a lot of colors and there is one that is very close to Amarante in my opinion....I don't know the name of it off hand though...