Nail polish to match Azur & Croisette Blue

  1. I remember reading somewhere about Chanel nail polish to match Azur and I was out shopping today and came across these 2 colors from Orly.....they would look so cute:okay: with Azur and Blue croisette so I bought both and Im going to give it a try tomorrow when i have my Nails done! Just thought I would share, incase anyone was interested.;)

    One pic is with flash, the other without.
    nailpolish1.JPG nailpolish2.JPG
  2. the dark blue looks yummy!
  3. I agree! Nice finds, rica! I just found a nail polish that matches the violette vernis colour perfectly :lol:
  4. Can't wait to see the pic! :nuts:
  5. oooh that's pretty!
  6. Do tell! I absolutely love love love that violette color! I need a purple polish for spring!
  7. The dark blue is very pretty....don't think I could pull off blue nail polish
  8. wow i love those!
  9. That's gonna look sooo great! Can't wait to see pics!!
  10. what about ivory polish w some "flower/design" in those colors
  11. oh yah....i hope theres an ivory color thats dark enough (not the see through kind)
  12. haha, when I first saw the nail polish pictures I immediately thought of the "O RLY?" owls. :lol:

    I really like the look of dark blue nail polish (and dark purple). I never thought of matching it to my Azur but now I'll have to see if any of my polishes are close!
  13. wow, they do look nice! don't forget to share pics when you have your nails done. I'm liking the dark blue one - i read it in shopdiary that it's one of the "it" colors for the new year. though i don't own an azur yet LOL i'll keep that in mind! are those the regular sized Orlys or the smaller ones? I was in PCX the other day in Rockwell and saw that they now have smaller sized bottles which is perfect for me since i don't go through a bottle of nail polish fast enough before it gets old hahaha :smile:
  14. cute!
  15. LOVE the dark one.