Nail Polish Tips

  1. Ladies (and Gents :p ),

    I need your help! I'm right handed, so when I polish the nails on my left hand, it looks great...BUT...when I have to polish the nails on my right hand, all hell just breaks loose...I have one nice hand and one hand with polish all over my skin, uneven, etc...

    Any tips on how to polish nicely & neatly when using your weak hand? I know I could get a mani, but I hate to do that because I chip my nail polish within a couple days (pedis, on the other hand, i always indulge in...)
  2. I dip orange sticks and/or Qtips in nail polish remover and wipe the excess from my skin. Works like a charm!
  3. Yep that's exactly what I do too.
    I used to be so much better at applying it when I was a teen :/ lol
    I don't apply it as often as I did back then so I guess that's why :yes:
  4. same here. essie also makes a nail polish remover pen so you don't even have to find a Qtip. as far as uneven polish, i just take my time and make sure to redip my brush for each nail (wiping off one side only). works pretty well. topcoat also helps even out bubbles/bumps.
  5. I've tried the pens and q-tips, and it just not work very well for me, I just end up messing up my nails, and I end up removing all the polish. I usually just go to a nail salon and have them painted for 5 bucks. it's well worth it. espically if you are using a dark color, those I tend to mess up on the worse. If I am using a light color, I can get by.
  6. I'm a lefty...and my prob is using my right hand to do my left. The miracle is, this is about the only thing I can do pretty good w/ my right hand LOL!! I do have the occasional mess up along the side of the nail.

    I do the Q tip thing as well. :yes:

    Also I noticed what works great is...I do my nails on a day when I have a few hrs to spare. I do my nails before I get cleaned up for the day. So...I polish and then wait an hr. before I get in the shower to make sure they're dry good. Then when I'm in the shower I lightly scratch off the polish on the sides. It comes off easily. I guess being in the warm/hot water helps. I don't let the water hit too much directly on the nail cuz I don't want the polish to perhaps (melt??) LOL!! But just so that my fingers around the nail are wet. (Hope this makes sense..:shrugs: )

    Sometimes I don't even do the Q tip thing, cuz I figure I can do it real quick in the shower. Heehee!! ;) Then when I get out...they're perfect!! :yahoo:

    HTH!! ;)
  7. Thanks for all the tips! I think I'll try orange sticks. I've tried Q-tips before, but for some reason, I'm so clumsy that the Q-tip ends up rubbing off some of the polish on my nail. I guess because the cotton end is kinda thick and I really can't use my left hand. Yes, I'm *that* bad! I think orange sticks may work for me because they're tapered at the ends.

    Thanks again! I'll let you know how it turns out!
  8. My last girlfriend never had that problem.....

    I used to paint her nails for her.
  9. This is why I get weekly manis. I love wearing polish, but can't stand applying it. Especially on that dominant hand.

    It's only $10.50 at the place I go to, so I don't feel too bad about going so often.