Nail Polish Tips Please

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  1. I am a reformed compulsive nail bitter - trying to grow nails finally!!
    They are soft and weak and split or break like nothing!
    So a SA at Ulta suggested Nailtek for soft or peeling nails. That hasn't helped so I bought the Nailtek Extra (guess it's the super whammy) .. anyhoo ..
    I use the coat of nailtek, 2 coats of Opi, a coat of Opi top coat and literally the next day I have polish chiped off the tips and of course if I'm not super careful at work bam, they break. Any suggestions for a better base and top coat? How can I keep them from chipping up every single day? :crybaby: I work as a F&I Manager at an auto dealership so of course use my hands all day, lots on the computer but really try to not use my finger tips. Thanks for suggestions and help!
  2. You might be putting too much polish on your nails. Especially with putting essentially 4 coats of polish on your nails. Try to paint really thin coats and see if that helps any. And make sure to let each layer dry really thoroughly before putting the next one on. That might also help with the chipping.

    I can't really help you with any better base/top coats. I'm an OPI user myself and have never had a problem.
  3. i've had good results using Sally Hansen's Hard as Wraps as a nail polish base. my nails tend to bend/break/split really easily as well, and this seems to prevent some of that. i also find my polish lasts a bit longer when i use this as opposed to just polish alone.
  4. I do not bite my nails, but the woman I nanny for got me this stuff because I get manis pretty often. Its called Daby Nail Hardener, and she swears by it!! I'm not sure where she bought it though....maybe you could google it
  5. my nails are the same. I never get mani's b/c they chip off the tips in a day! Pedi's on the other hand, last me a month or more!
  6. I use Orly's base and top coat, and they work just fine for me. I work on a computer all day, so it doesn't last as long as I'd like, but it'll keep them looking good for a good 3-4 days. As for making your nails grow stronger, Sally Hansen is the way to go. That stuff really worked! I used Hard as Nails and Miracle Growth before. Thumbs up!
  7. does anyone have any tips on how to not get streaky nails? My nail polish is always streaky and I don't know why!!
  8. ^^ Maybe it's too thick? It sounds like you're just not finishing the nail fast enough, if you go over it too many times it can get streaky as it starts to dry. If that's not the case, you could get a nail polish thinner.
  9. Thank You Ladies for the tips. :tup:
    The Nailtek product I'm using is:

    I will stop and see about some Sally Hansen products after work tonight. The number of coats I'm using is what's directed on the strengthener product but will try thinner coats as well.
  10. I don;t think it's too thick... It gets streaky right away (after first coat). I brush the side of the brush afainst the tube and then sweep it over my nails. It seems like the bristles on the nail brush just don't get the polish on evenly... but happens with every nail polish I own (OPI, MAC, Chanel, Mabelline)... I don;t know what's wrong!!!
  11. I've been using the SH Hard as Wraps as base, a cheap polish (think, WetNWild) and the Sally Hansen daily growth topcoat and solar oil on my cuticles. I do the topcoat and oil every night --- the growth has been INSANE! Seriously, I clip them down every Sunday...that Sally Hansen stuff WORKS!!!
  12. I wish I could share tips, but I SUCK at doing my own I have to pay someone else to do it for me:Push:
  13. I can only do the left hand side with no problems. I'm right handed so my left hand is not that coordinated to do my own nails. LOL!