Nail Polish Spilled On Coach!

  1. :crybaby:I don't know what to do. Please help me, it's my favorite bag and i spilled hot pink nail polish on it!!!
  2. oyyy.. sorry
  3. gasp! :wtf: What bag do you have? Is it signature fabric or leather? How much of the bag is stained?
  4. signature. with a white stripe. there's like a U that covers about 4 inches of the bag. its on both the stripe and the print. it just happened tonight!!
  5. i dont think nail polish remover will hurt it... try testing non acetone nail polish remover on the inside or the bottom of the bag with a q tip.. rub first to see if it will transfer the color.. i think it should work
  6. :sad:I did a search for nail polish stains....some people have suggested Mr. Clean magic eraser. They said you may need to dab it several times for it work. I'd try the magic eraser. If that doesn't work, I'd call a Coach store tomorrow morning and see if they have any suggestions. I'm so sorry this happened to your bag, by the way...
  7. thanks for all your help. im open to any more suggestions. im going into a coach store tomorrow to see what they think.
  8. Try hydrogen peroxide, it works really well, but not sure on purses. You might want to try it on a small section first!