Nail Polish Remover - are the cheap ones bad for your nails? Does it really matter?

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  1. I tend to use Cutex nail polish remover.


    My bottle is almost finished, and I was planning on getting a new one. It just crossed my mind about the different ones to buy, and started to wonder if there really is a difference between them all.

    Never really thought twice before about nail polish removers.

    What do you girls think? Any difference between nail polish removers?:s
  2. If you have artificial nails, it's very important that you use acetone-free polish remover. Other than that, I don't see what the big difference is. No nail polish remover is good for your nails...
  3. :ty:
  4. i've always been curious about this as well-great question charisma! i just use whatever drugstore brand i happen to have lying around, whereas my friend uses this ancient dior nail polish remover. i have to admit her remover smells a lot nicer than mine, but not like i enjoy sniffing my polish remover :graucho:/
  5. I usually use Lippmann Collection "The Stripper". I have dry fingernails anyway and the drugstore brands really dry them out. I think it is really about the condition your nails are in to start with.
  6. I guess just as long as we moisturize our nails, it won't matter if we use the cheaper ones :girlsigh::hrmm:
  7. i was told to use the non-acetone ones for nails