Nail Polish recommendations for little girls?

  1. I saw my neices (3 and 4 years old) over the weekend and they just gushed over my manicure/pedicure so I thought it would be cute to send them some non-toxic kid friendly polishes --- but being that I have a son and not a girlie, can any of you recommend some nice safe colors for little ones?

    many thanks! :0)
  2. I don't think you can go wrong with Essie's "Cindy-rella." It's got foolproof application (no opaque color) and looks really understated and sparkly, with a hint of light manicure pink. Give your nieces a good start on looking classy!
  3. This might sound weird seeing as who it's by and all but I LOVE Joan River's Fairy Pales polishes. They come in a set and are all shades of light pinks and creams. They have just the perfect hint of shimmer and color..great for any age!
    Here's the link.. Shopping=
  4. they're definately not non toxic but the OPI princess charming line would be super cute. they're all shades of pink, most of sparkles, and they're sheer. they also have cute names.

    i think raven, hilary duff, bonne belle and mk&a all make lines that have non toxic peel off nail polish (a drug stores or claires). i remember using bonne belle when i was little...the nail polish smelled like strawberries. i wonder if they still make it?
  5. my 8 yr old uses Bonne Bell and hillary duff. both found @ target. The Bonne Bell is peel off so it's virtually mess-proof.
  6. My nieces (7, 5 and 2) are in town too. In the past I have bought them the Revlon quick dry polish as little girls are not that patient. I also kno wthat the Revlon one does not have a product that my sister said could be bad for kids. Can't remember what it is but I researched it a couple years ago.
  7. ya I want to make sure it's non toxic - my sister is uber-against anything chemical and a tree hugger at times so I want to be able to make both parties happy lol

    I will check out the peel off one...thanks! :smile:
  8. Lol..I used the Bonne Bell peel off stuff when I was always smelled really bad to me. Like burnt popcorn or something. Hopefully they've improved on the smell :yucky:
  9. How about Hello Kitty? Target sometimes has cute little collections.
  10. My mom and I indulged my little cousins once (I think they were four and five at the time) with Avon polish in a really pretty light lilac (very Easter-y looking).

    The lilac was a departure from the usual pink, buff, or clear, but it was still girly and sweet. They looked absolutely adorable. :smile: