Nail Polish Question for LV fans

  1. Can anyone recommend some nail polish colors that look like vernis colors? Specifically framboise and pomme? TIA!
  2. Hmmm...wish I could help. I do know that Amarante = Chanel Vamp!

    I think twinkle.tink had a fabulous shade on once that matched her pomme stuff! Maybe PM her?
  3. Oh good, I knew someone had polish that matched Pomme but I couldn't remember who. Thanks!
  4. Well I just partially answered my own question, OPI in I'm Not Really a Waitress is close to Pomme. But I'd really like to find one close to framboise still.
  5. I have over a 200 OPI ( yeah I have a little OPI addication ) so if you can show me a picture I can try and tell you which would look the closest
  6. i know that OPI in 'it's greek to me' is really close to fuschia - it has the same bluish undertones
  7. OOOOOooo that looks perfect ^ !! Yes, I was looking for shimmer like the bag. I have lots of good ones now to find and locate, thanks everyone!
  8. Check out Mac's... There's a color like Pomme, but I cannot think of the name for the life of me!!
  9. Ok.. I looked this morning and the polish is called "Rocker" and has hints of frost in it.

    Here's a pic with my LV ring :blush: :
    LV Ring.JPG

    Kinda close to the Pomme...
  10. ^That is nice! Very close to Pomme. I bought La Paz-itively Hot and I'm not Really a Waitress! Love them both!