Nail (Polish) Issues

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  1. Hi ladies...

    I used to be a serious polish wearer until I got too annoyed at my nails chipping/peeling off WITH the nail polish...

    I live in a very, very dry environment and I know that may contribute to the cracking/chipping/splitting/peeing of my nails. I was wondering if poor nail polish quality could also ruin my nails like that...

    I've been using drug store brands and I find that many of them don't last very long and chip very quickly.

    I am thinking of throwing out all of my nail polish and buying brand new bottles soon...I'm thinking of OPI. What are your opinions on the lasting power/durability of OPI polishes? How are the base/top coats?

  2. i get manicures done for me, but i noticed any brand other than OPI chips and cracks. OPI's polish will stay on my nails for 5-6 days instead of 1-2. my worst luck has been with essie. on the other hand, by bff swears by essie and says OPI chips for her, so i think it depends on your nails.
  3. Someone told me about Zoya and I ordered it a couple weeks ago. She said it was better on natural nails than OPI. I've been wearing that really dark (almost black) color and it has stayed over a week without chipping (of course that's with a top coat). I love it.
  4. IDK, the only way I've heard of climate affecting nail polish is when it makes it dry slower/faster. I think you should try getting a good base and top coat (I like OPI and Nail Tek) and try to avoid getting getting your hands/nails wet unless you have to. Also metallic/glittery polishes stay on a lot longer.
  5. Consume more calcium everyday, it makes nails stronger.
  6. opi works very very well for me.
  7. OPI works fine for me, but nothing spectacular. Chanel lasts longer on my nails.
  8. No, I meant the climate is making my natural nails more dry/brittle, not about it affecting the nail polish.
  9. ^ Ohhh... I still don't know if that's possible :shrugs:
    Have you tried cuticle oil and eating more calcium?... I'm not a milk drinker (like at all) and I don't like ice cream or cheese that much so I don't get enough calcium.... Well when I go on a diet I always eat lots of lowfat yogurt and cottage cheese and my nails grow like craaazy. So I know that works! You could also try prenatal vitamins-- they're really good for nails!
  10. I believe any nail polishes will chip or crack in dry environment. Best treatment is to apply a top seal coat after every couple of days to prevent the flaws. I go to a nail salon that only uses OPI, so I went to get a manicure before my Vegas trip. The second day in Vegas, my polish chipped due to Vegas' hard water. But when I'm in my hometown, the polish last a week before chipping.
  11. OPI & Chanel work the best for me.
  12. You have to prep your nails before polishing for a longer lasting application. Use a buffer (not too rough) and remove the shine from your nails. This also removes any cuticle that may be on the surface near the base of the nail.
    A base coat, such as Creative's Stickey will anchor the polish to the nail.
    *Optional* I also use a ridge filler on top of the Stickey before I apply many colors. It serves as a 'blank canvas', providing depth to darker colors and eliminating streaks in lighter ones.
    Apply 2 thin coats of color. Do not allow drying in between.
    Apply a top coat. Seche Vite is great because it's specifically formulated to go on top of wet polish.
    Allow nails to dry.
  13. Thanks for the info michie, seems like I'm doing things right already. BUT I didn't know that buffing to take out the shine actually helps. I'll keep that in mind in the future.
  14. Yes, because polish is also an artificial enhancement and will not adhere to a slick surface.
  15. My nails crack all the time I use Neutrogena Norwegian Hand Cream, it helps with the cracking because nails, like skin, get dry.
    Chanel an OPI work well for me and essie is pretty good too. I just touch up my nails a lot and cut them as short as possible.