Nail Polish: Favorite/best Brands?

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  1. What brands do you like (or not) and why?

    OPI seems to be very popular right now -- they have a wide range of colors.

    Are the more expensive and designer brands really better or are they all the same stuff?
  2. I like YSL it is very good.
  3. I love Essie!
  4. i like essie for sheers/neutrals and opi for everything else.

    i can tell the difference chipping wise between the expensive and drugstore brands...everyone says revlon is great, but it chips within hours of a mani when i wear it. i've actually had good luck with NYC color and sinful colors (99 cents at drugstores), but i only buy those brands for trendy fun stuff (like blue or black) that i don't want to wear for very long....which is almost never. i'm more a pale pink tips and red toes person.

    for the most part it's only a couple of dollars difference anyway so i almost always get the "more expensive" brand.
  5. OPI and Essie. I have a few Chanels, but I tend to gravitate towards the first two brands.
  6. I'm an "OPI whore" and have been for several years. Right now my favorite color is "I'm not really a waitress". :amuse:
  7. best red EVER. it is on my toes 90% of the time and on my fingers about 30%. i think i love it even more because i actually am a waitress. heheh.
  8. Essie for me

  9. OPI for me too.
  10. OPI and Essie :heart:
  11. Like everyone else, I like both OPI and Essie. My favorite color of OPI is "Chicago Champagne Toast", and for Essie, well, I like all their pale pinks/neutrals! :heart: :love:
  12. OPI and Sally Hanson (sp?) for the base and top coats.
  13. I like OPI and Sally Hansen too!
  14. OPI, lovin' "Lincoln Park After Dark" right now
  15. OPI (my fav, "never lon-done shopping!)