Nail Polish and RM oh no!!!!

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  1. OMG, I had my nails done and i guess one finger wasn't really dried yet so i accidentley hit my gorgeous little Dark Grey Mantinee and now it has a little red mark!!! how do i clean it? gahhhh! :crybaby::cursing::sad::wtf:
  2. Maybe you should take it to a leather shop to get it professionally cleaned. I wouldn't want to "experiment" with any RMs myself.
  3. Yeah.. I agree. You could try leather cleaner but I would be too scared to make it worse. You never know! I'm so sorry!! I hope it comes off.
  4. Sorry that happened! For nail polish, I would recommend taking the bag to a professional leather cleaner rather than trying to remove it myself. Good luck!
  5. Oh my gosh!!!! AHHHH. Please take it to a leather expert! If you're going to try it yourself, make sure you use a q-tip and not anything larger for fear of spreading the red.