nail head braclet question!?!?!

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  1. Do you guys know if there was more than one issue of this???

    SO I ordered one a couple months ago...its cute but its plain, as in the coach is NOT stamped on the side of the braclet where it is gold (on the gold and blue one)

    On the website and in the catalogue it IS stamped!!! :sad: I dont know, call me a namebrand whore but i want mine stamped!! Why did i get jipped and get one that wasnt stamped?? anyone have one?? is it just a defect???

    PLEASE let me know, im kinda sad right now :crybaby:
  2. I ordered the silver/silver one and noticed the same thing when I got was not stamped on the outside edge of the bracelet as marked on online. I too was a little dissapointed. Not that I need everyone to know I'm wearing Coach but it would be nice if they sold the same thing as they showed online. ALso online the silver/silver looked all metal and when I got it, it was enamel, and the enamel looked whiteish to me. I loved the style, but I wasn't thrilled with it so I ended up returning it. I was so disapointed because I had been wanting that bracelet every since it appeared in the last catalog.
  3. me too!!!!!! i dont know what to do now!! ughhhhhh! im so blah now!!

    :sad: thanks ellacoach! i wonder what happened? I mean the style is pretty, but it would be nice if i could have gotten the one i saw!

  4. I probably could have lived without the stamping, but it was the enamel that bugged me the most. I always wear my 2 tiffany bracelets and it just looked wierd with them. They have some really pretty pieces coming out in September...there are already 3 pieces of jewelry that I know I want then. Maybe you'll see something then. Sorry your dissapointed!! I know exactly how you feel!!!
  5. you mean the script on the inside isn't there?
  6. The script/stamp on the inside was there, but on the outside edge, according to the pic on the site there is also supposed to be a script which was missing from both of our bracelets.
  7. oooh. didn't see that.

    well, not everything on the site is the final product. that happened a lot with legacy stuff.
  8. That really is wrong.. The horseshoe keyfob is depicted wrong, someone mentioned about the mineral hobo not having details listed on the site, etc. etc. If they don't have an accurate photo then they should NOT be on the website.:tdown:
  9. a lot of it is to prevent counterfeits, too. coach has their reasons.
  10. Hmmm, that's interesting.

    I'm just sad that the bangles are too small for my ginormous man-hands.