Nail Gals - Need your opinions!

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Should I wear them or remove them?

  1. Yes, wear them, they look natural

  2. No, remove them, they look too fake

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. I bought some Catwalk Nails. I would like your honest opinions, yay or nay? You won't hurt my feelings:P



  2. I don't think they look natural, however they are fun and if you want to wear them for a short period of time why not? I don't think people will be looking up close that much so enjoy them. I have done it before and I got a lot of compliments. I could tell they were fake because I had a couple that formed an airbubble and it bugged me, but no one else said anything.
  3. It is obvious that they are fake, but they are really cute! I would wear them (if I wore fake nails). I would love to be able to paint my nails like that!
  4. I thought something looked different from your normal nails, but it didn't occur to me right away that they were totally fake. I think you should keep them on for a while though. They are really pretty.
  5. They dont look fake to me unless you are staring right at them and trying to figure it out. They are cute IMO!
  6. Oh my! See my comment on the regular thread. I tot u painted them! So natural and pretty!!!!!!!! Love them!
  7. ^^I thought you painted them too! I thnk they are adorable! I did not realize they were fakes... they are cute and you wear them well!
  8. Thanks everyone! I think I will wear them for a few days!
  9. They don't look natural, but they're cute! If people aren't looking for it, I don't think they'd notice! Might as well keep them on! :biggrin:
  10. Cute, wear them. I should get some for my daughter LOL!
  11. They look cute!
  12. I like the nail art & the stickers. they look kinda false from here, but not sure how they look IRL. they seem fun, & I agree that you should test drive them for a few days.

    don't you think you could paint that though? I KNOW you can!!!
  13. I like that they are shorter. They are cute actually!
  14. I like them, and no one will be looking at them as close as you photographed them... they look a tiny bit fake in the closer-up picture, but again, no one is going to put your hands right up to their eyeballs!
  15. They look completely fake IMO, but they are kind of fun nails.