Nail dryer

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  1. I am thinking about getting a nail dryer. I am going to start doing my mani at home to save money. Can someone please give me some recommendations? Thanks in advance.
  2. I know I saw some at Sally Beauty Supply but I don't know prices and such. There was a monkey one on either 8ty8 or h2t....have you seen that one. It's cute. But again, I don't have it and have never owned one.
  3. I think it's easier to just use a quick drying topcoat. I've never used a nail dryer so no recommandations, sorry.
  4. Are you going to use regular polish, soak off gell or something else?

    For regular polish, I agree with the above. Just get a quick dry top coat (Seche/Poshe/Sally Hansen InstaDri/etc).
  5. You could also invest in some drip dry drops. The opi ones are great! I tend to do my manis super late and I can use the drops over seche vite with amazing drying time. Like an hour and I can sleep without any damage and they are dry to the touch within minutes. It's not a nail dryer machine but it's a great option!