Nail clippers vs. Nail scissors


Nail scissors or nail clippers?

  1. Nail scissors

  2. Nail clippers

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  1. For a DIY manicure, which is better/easier to use?

    I am leaning towards nail scissors because they are already curved and , in my mind, I would only need to cut once for the perfect shape.

    Which do you use??
  2. Come on!! Somebody vote!

    I have never used nail scissors and I just want to know if they are easy to use.
  3. When I was a kid my mom cut my nails gently with those curved nail scissors my dad cut them with clippers somewhat forcefully, unevenly, and short so that they hurt. Needless to say I went to my mom most of the time. That was a LONG time ago but it is my only experience with scissors.

    I cut mine with clippers because I dont know how to use the scissors. It feels more precise with clippers but I hink you may get a smoother edge with scissors.
  4. I use a nail clipper but I kind of shape my nails with the clippers - I don't cut straight across. Then I file my nails to get them even. Scissors are awkward to use, IMO.
  5. I use nail scissors mostly because I think they are easier to handle and work with, but nail clippers are good at giving that straight across, french manicure kind of look