Nail Care chat thread!

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  1. What do you say.. dumb idea to start a thread about this? I'm not a nail person. The only time I have polished nails (clear and only clear) is when I go to a salon in US once a year. I know, I don't deserved to be here :p

    I always buy polish but I never take the time to actually paint them. I thought this would be the year for me to rectify this.
  2. A thread never hurts :smile:
  3. Sweet, the nude one is probably a dupe of the Mac Nude lippie for Gaga.

    Our 2nd question to Peach's BF should have been "did the polishes survive!?!"... we might have to send a polish care package!
  4. omg you're right! the polishes! I hope they are safe - no polish left behind! (*(oo)*)
  5. I will ask!!! Especially because I asked him about her Moscous already
  6. Hey guys,

    For those of you looking for Revlon Perplex, I saw it at a local Rite Aid today. It's priced at 4.79 :tup:
  7. ^I've seen it for 1.99$ at Big Lots (and not sold in a pack of 2 either).
  8. I really didn't want to but... somehow, I ended up with a list of lemmings! Oh no!! :lol:
  9. Show us, maybe it'll give us new lemmings as well :p
  10. I'm currently not lemming any Chanels though - it's a few OPI's I think I "need"!
    I just discovered a store that sells OPI in a nearby town a few months ago, and I'm a big fan of their polish!

    I'm currently lemming Midnight In Moscow (..and, according to frick&frack, Black Cherry Chutney), and Got The Blues For Red.
    And sometimes I feel like I need Jade Is The New Black, too!
  11. Bye, Jade is a classic!!!
  12. I know it is! But in some pictures it looks turquoise/more blue-ish (which makes me swoooon), and in others it just looks green, and I don't feel like I want a plain green :oh:
  13. MiM is a dark, shimmery blue, right? Then you def need it :p

    And Jitnb is also gorgeous.
  14. I would say that is a teal-ish green.
  15. I believe it's a dark shimmery red, close to Feu de Russie!